We Believe in Energy Choice Choose Who You Use wants electricity consumers in Pennsylvania to have a choice of the most reliable, transparent, and affordable options available. Our campaign for real energy choice in Pennsylvania puts power back into the hands of the consumer.

More than twenty years ago, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed legislation intended to offer Pennsylvanians a wider choice of affordable electricity options.

But the intent of the legislation was never realized, and in the decades since, the system has continued to stifle and undermine consumer choice in electricity – impeding efficiency, service, affordability, transparency, and innovation.

Today, Pennsylvania needs new policies that give electricity consumers the right to choose a provider that suits their economic and environmental interests. That’s why the Choose Who You Use coalition was founded.

Choose Who You Use advocates for new reforms that benefit all electricity consumers:


Promotes transparency and access to technologies that give customers greater control over their energy usage and billing.

Consumer Protections:

Provides new consumer protections from high-pressure sales tactics and unfair contracts.

Rules to Company Participation:

Creates more options, including a wider range of state-qualified retail providers competing on service and price.


Strengthens and secures our state electricity infrastructure

Assistance for Consumers Who Need It:

Institutes industry-financed special funds to help lower-income families and small businesses.